nr. 1 composition, 2020



nr. 5 composition, 2020




composition, 2020
freigelegte Gipskartonplatte, Aluminium, Stahlblech, Tape



phrasing, 2020
processed plasterboards, steel, copper, brass, each: 130 x 80 cm



scrawling, 2020
processed plasterboard, brass



series of drawings CuZn, II / I, 2019
plasterfiberboard, copper, patinated brass, processed plasterboard




fannihau, 2019
plasterfiberboard, patinated brass, processed plasterboard



a tinge of brass
, 2019
processed plasterboard, brass, 115 x 98 cm



o.T. / plasterboard, paper, 2019, 25 x 29 cm
(->click for exhibitionviews: faces and brass)




Group of Sculptures / 3 Characters CuZn
Installationview: ippst, ippt (siehe ipst, ipst), 2021


Group of Sculptures (details), 2019
brass (partially patinated), copper, pigmented cement




situation z), 2017
brass, textile, acrylic, plasterfibreboard




folding a (totem), 2018
brass, textile, acrylic (->click for exhibitionviews: to open closed forms)



supplies #3, (series of objects)
2017-2018, brass, plaster
(->click for exhibitionviews: to open closed forms)



shaping stones
, 2016
conceptual poem, overall size ca.3 x2 m





all caps in tongues, 2018
acrylic and pigment on paper, each 30 x2 1cm






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