formulierungen, 2020
processed plasterboards, steel, copper, brass
each: 130 x 80 cm



series of drawings CuZn, II / I, 2019
plasterfiberboard, copper, patinated brass, processed plasterboard



fannihau, 2019
plasterfiberboard, partially patinated brass, processed plasterboard




4 Characters CuZn, 2019
bended and partially patinated brass, copper, pigmented cement





faces and brass, 2019
processed plasterboards, brass, processed plasterboard on cardboard
Installation: Über das Neue, Kunstraum PFERD at Belvedere21



parts, 2020, processed plasterboard, brass



scrawling, 2020, processed plasterboard, brass



a tinge of brass, 2019, processed plasterboard, bended brass




surface detail: processed plasterboard





Exhibition views: to open closed forms; at unttld contemporary, 2018
processed plasterboards, brass, plasterfibreboard, plastercast, engraved text, acrylic on textile, partially patinated brass




curing time, 2018, conceptual poem, variable size




pigmented plastercast, plastercast, sculptures: brass pigmented plasterboards
Exhibition views: fallsession at CRYPTA747, Turin, 2017






bending lines
situation c)
stretching points
textile, bended brass, acrylic on textile
TYPE, PLEASE curated by_vienna 2017 | curated by Sabine Folie at Galerie Raum mit Licht




shaping stones, 2016, conceptual poem
permanent installation at Kunstraum PFERD, Vienna