ippst, ippt (siehe ipst, ipt)


Melanie Ender, Sebastian Koch

8.5. – 4.7.2021

Dock 20, Lustenau



sculptural hybrid (detail), ©Ender/Koch, 2021


sculptural hybrid, 2021, ©Ender/Koch, foto: Mirokuzmanovicphoto


sculptural hybrid (detail), 2021, ©Ender/Koch, foto: Mirokuzmanovicphoto


nr.2 composition, 2020, ©Melanie Ender


exhibitionview: ippst, ippt (siehe ipst, ipt), 2021, ©Ender/Koch, foto: Mirokuzmanovicphoto


sculptural hybrid, 2021, ©Ender/Koch


sculptural hybrid, 2021, ©Ender/Koch


sculptural hybrid (detail)


group of sculptures CuZn (3 Characters), 2019, ©Melanie Ender, foto: Mirokuzmanovicphoto




With their double exhibition, Melanie Ender and Sebastian Koch explore the formal-aesthetic boundaries and
conditions of their painterly and sculptural approach and put artistic conventions to the test, not infrequently in a humorous way.
Thus pedestals and frames become protagonists, picture supports become subjects in their own right,
and the line becomes a quotation of itself.


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